Friday, May 18, 2012

Korean Street Snack: Hoddeok 호떡

Someone needs to keep reminding me that its freaking EXAM WEEK! And i have 3days till my first 2 exams that I have not finish revising! Not even half! So why da hell did I not go to school and sit here at home and start making 호떡 (Korean Sweet Pancakes with Brown Sugar Syrup filling)????

Anyway, since I already made it, might as well just tell you guys about it :)) Well, 호떡 is a Korean Street Snack that is a pancakes with Brown Sugar Syrup filling! I still remember when I was studying in Korea, there is always an 아줌마 (Auntie) outside the university's main gate selling it. At first we did not noe what is it but me and my friend were starving so we went ahead and buy one. Without knowing what is in it we just start biting and biting and biting when suddenly "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", my friend screamed her lungs out cos the syrup filling squirted out and it was burning hot and spilled all over her hands and shirt. haha, ever since then, i always bit my 호떡s super super carefully and NEVER walk while u eat it :)))

No, I did not make this (i wish). This is the one i had in korea :) mega miss!
So I missed korea A LOT, but since my friends refuse to go there with me for graduation trip and I am too much of a considerate bitch, I can't go there this year and munch on 호떡, therefore I made my own and will munch on it NOW! *bite*.....*HEAVENNNNNNNNNN*

I got the recipe from Maangchi :) She has this AWESOME youtube channel on korean food and it makes me drool like CRAZY and super "home" sick XDD And I hav no idea how she stays so chill n pretty while making 호떡...I SWEATED LIKE CRAZY n the kitchen was in a HORRIBLE MESS! Seriously, how do all those people on youtube cook so elegantly.. its like freaking WAR here for me.

So here you go my 호떡 making process

Before the rise...mega focus fail

rose and  stirred

soooo stickkkyyyyyy

the filling :) actually had to make 2 batches coz I am a greedy bitch and refuse to use CHEESE as a filling (ew)
The dough with the middle of a severe WAR
(I just can't focus properly can i?)


fryyy 'em

THIS ONE IS CRAZY! Have to show u! I WAS SOOO GREEDY that many of them leaked and this one, u can SEE the brown sugar HAHAHAHAHAH!!

trying hard to pretend i m in KOREA eating this :)  
Cannot imagine how much weight I am gonna gain eating all these...shall just share them :'((((((((((

OKAY, shall eat one more and go back to revision, thats the plan :) cya...AFTER EXAM!! *yeah right* HAHAHA KAY BYEEE~~


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  1. Waaah, those look SO delicious! <3<3<3