Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cute Homemade Panda Cookies

Hey guys,

I will be going to a theme park with my friends tomorrow and I've decided to bake something so 1) I have extra stomachs to help clear the batch and 2) just have another reason to BAKE :))

Since this will be one of those last time before I ever see them again since we wun have school together anymore, I've decided to do something cool just to impress and after thinking and browsing through youtube, I've came across this super cute Panda Bread!I really wanna try making it, but after doing more research, i see many people failing to do it or get decent panda looks since it requires 2 dough rising time, i dun have to time to wait for the damn dough to rise or for failure, and not to mention.. "HEY HERES WT I BAKE, ITS A PIECE OF BREAD..HOLD IT AND CARRY IT AROUND THE THEME PARK" == not the best thing to I was thinking what abt the same thing but on a cookie?

Apparently, awesome & cool brains think alike, there are a few people out there they have tried it and according to them, its less likely to fail cause unlike bread, there is no need for cookies to rise, they come out EXACTLY the way u put surprises

OMFG! Got distracted watching Big Bang's Monster's MV!!! HOLY COW!!!!!! I shall not comment anything here or its gonna turn into a 5000 words essay! But I have 2 words for u!
Here's the link u lazy ass:
Okay, where was I? yes, panda cookies, god taeyang's hairdo made me lost my chain of thought. (FML THT HAIR) YES, i have decided to do the cookies and here it is....

dunno why i took a pic of the ugliest one...alwell..see what i mean? ITS UNIQUE <3

A special thing about these panda cookies is that each and every single one of them are unique depending on how out the cookie dough n how u cut them :) It is however quite annoying n time consuming to make...since u needa divide them...weight them...colour them...roll them out..stick them together then freeze them ...THEN u will noe how it turns out..such a long process! Nearly gave me a heart attack when i cut into the first one!

Mine's def NOT perfect, but its OKAY LAH! some of the panda's eyes and ears are weird but DAMN u can still tell its a damn panda HAHAHA! So I wrapped them up into nice plastic gift bags and I'll bring them out tomorrow, well thts like 4 hours from now...OMG I SHALL SLEEP!!!! or i will TURN INTO A DAMN PANDA TOMORROW! OMG..KAY BYE <3

(oh, since the recipe is in chinese, If anyone is interested, leave me a comment and I will translate it and post it out..... if not hope u enjoyed reading n WELCOME to my BIG BANG MV RELEASE REMINDER!)


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