Saturday, June 9, 2012

Graduation Haul: Part 1 - MAC Makeup Review

*Congratulation and Celebrations* Just got all my grades back and I can finally GRADUATE!!

With this excuse reason in mind, I went shopping for 3 days straight..CRAZY MODE. Okay, tbh, I didn't buy A LOT, but everything i bought were not cheap..and therefore, I am currently SUPER broke :(

Apart from sharing my reviews of the products I bought, its also a record to show myself what I've bought! I don't know if its only me, but if you lay out everything you bought, you would realize "shit, I think I've bought too much, okay time to stop"... if not, lol this crazy shopping mode is gonna go on and on and on....

So for Part I, I'm gonna show you what I've bought in MAC (and a few other korean makeup stuff)! :D

I actually never owned ANYTHING from MAC so I am super excited that I bought these 2 things. Well they are:

Hey, Sailor! Bronzing  Powder
Colour: Refined Golden

Was looking for bronzer cause I have full bangs now, although people say it makes ur face smaller, I think my fat got rounder so I need bronzer to give that slimmer face illusion. Walked into MAC, asking the person which colour I should pick and she was like...*drag* look at the new ones..comeeeee *drag* So she helped me try out the colours and I ended up picking a darker dark shade (does that even make sense), cause I want a more obvious effect and I dunno, I would rather go darker than lighter...I mean u can at least see a little effect.
love the packaging :) so pretty <3
Refined Golden :)
Well Refined Golden is not really a new colour.. but the packaging is :P My friend uses Golden and its definitely lighter than Refined Golden.

Don't get freaked out by the glitter you see in the bronzer. I was super scared by the glitters in the shop and the sales GUARANTEED that is is barely noticeable and  if you have bad eye sight or simply just dun pay attention...its just another plain bronzer. But according to professionals, these tiny glitters make you skin look less dry and more dewy :)) 
 Swatches under different lightings:
yellow light

white light

with flash

Mineralize Foundation / Loose
Colour: Light

I used to use Makup Forever's Duo Mat Powder Foundation but then I ran out. It has super good coverage and fairly good oil control, but a bit thick. I was gonna go back and buy another one, but really want to try something new. So I've got persuaded by the sales to get the mineralize foundation.

I asked "what's the differences between the compact one and the loose one?" He said it has more coverage so I decided to go for the loose one cause i NEED all the coverage you can give me to hide my acne spots and scars.

The bad thing about this new packaging is THERE IS NO SPONGE! Damn annoying, have to put my own cheap sponge in it so the powder won't fly out if I carry it around.

The texture is smooth and its very very light and not cakey at all. But to be honest, i DO NOT see coverage compared to my makeup forever one... I can still see my spots peeking through :((( Overall its not bad, but hahaha i kinda wanna go back to my makeup forever duo mat foundation :P

So that's all I bought in MAC <3 god, I m so IN LOVE with their packaging...soo pretty (apart from the fact tht they dun gimme a sponge *aargh*)!! Will continue on next blog, cyaaaa~


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