Saturday, June 9, 2012

Graduation Haul: Part 2 - Innisfree Eco Nail Color Review

Here goes part II:

Apart from MAC, I've went to this store that says "WE IMPORT MAKEUP FROM KOREA"... ok maybe not the exact words, but well all the stuff r from i went in and bought a few things :))

First off, the NEWEST, COOLEST, PRETTIEST nail polish this summer! INNISFREE'S ECO NAIL COLOR POLISH!!!

I was like "I NEED THIS" when i saw it the first time!! I am not a very glittery person but this is just sooo cute for the summer!

So colours are as follow:
81 - Spring Strawberry Yogurt
82 - Spring Green Tea Yogurt
83 - Herb Yogurt
84 - Mint Yogurt
85 - Raspberry Yogurt

Don't the names sound SUPER Jello & Yummy? Yes, but dun be a retard like me... dunno wts rong with me the other day, after reading the colour names...i went and SNIFF the nail polish == DAFUQ? Lol, n it still has tht horrible nail polish yeah...paint ur nails with it just don't sniff it!

 I bought 81 and 84, my fav colours - pink n blue.I saw a few pictures of the nail polish and they look like jello / plastic / SHINee shiny just super edible. At first I dunno if its me that sucks at painting nails or my nails are just too short, they dun look as good (sad face)...but I realise u need at LEAST 4 layers to get that solid jelly like sweet colour!!! Heres the difference with different layers:
Bottom up: 2layers, 1layer, 3layers

Bottom up: 1layer, 2, 3 & 4 layers :)

Definitely recommend getting this nail polish but i guess you just need to apply more layers! Wish I have longer nails to paint :(( will def look prettier >3<"

Well, there you go... my Part II Makeup Haul. This is the end of the Makeup part of Haul but the HAUL BLOGs are not over!! ONE MORE COMING :) Will link u soon <3 Heading to bed~


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