Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Review] * My JUNE Glamabox *

YEAH :))) My June Glamabox is here <3 I seriously love this little supprise gift i pay for myself every month! (forever alone>3<") Anyway, lets just get straight into it this month~~

 I was thinking this month might be "FATHER'S DAY" theme...hahaha, but sorry dads, u r not included XD This month, its SUMMER theme :) and when you open the box, u will see a change on both the papers n the wrapping paper...instead of pink, it is now ORANGE! It looks and made me feel super REFRESHING....(no idea why) but its a nice change :)
So there are 5 products in the glamabox this month, and I will be super honest with u....i literally SCREAMED of excitement when I opened the box and saw PROACTIV! OMG! I have been wanting to try it for SOOOOOO long, but never had time / remember to get it and HA! Another reason why i LOVE glamabox, so here are the details of this month's box :
 1. Prodigy Advanced Skin Lightening Face Cream ($514)
Woah...such a fancy n expensive cream. Its suppose to lighten all the dark spots and even out uneven skin tone! I m gonna keep rubbing this into my skin...and try to get rid of all my acne scars!
 2. Copa Cabbana Pomelo with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C Face Mask
I dunno, but I am not a HUGE fan of these little packs of macks, I mean it is moisturizing and all, but it really doesn't do much unless i have 10 packs and use it everyday....but at least i guess my skin had a boost.. :)
 3. Proactiv Refining Mask
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOM!!! I M SUPER EXCITED! So i tried this like 30 mins ago, well it didn't work like MAGIC (duh) and reduce all my red bumps pimple, but OMG it does hurt less now, still red but i guess a TINY bit smaller. Although after i wash it is actually pretty dry! And it smells weird. I dunno, I think i will still keep using it and use the coupon to get more products and try....since my acne is still here might as well try sth! (WILL UPDATE MY BLOG ABOUT THIS PRODUCT SEPARATELY)

 4. Dr. Ci: Labo Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift Ex
Hm...not particularly exciting about this tbh, but WOAH! 1 jar finished 5 steps of skin care I LIKE how tht sounds....
 5. Ocean Potion Anti-aging Sunblock Lotion
This thing looks SUPER ADORABLE! hahaha love the colour! doesn't smell too bad! or too sticky! Will bring with me to SINGAPORE <3

Woah, that's it! Will update after I've tried these products more times....! I doubt there will be any WOAH diff after using once! AND SHARE WITH ME WHAT U GOT <3

Gonna go do CRAZY shopping tomorrow! might do a haul blog :P so cya tomorrow <3<3

Nite luffs,

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