Friday, June 29, 2012


THE 6TH ALBUM IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I CAN DIE NOW...i still wanna see the full MV first then the live first though....

So I haven't blogged for a while cause i went to Singapore for my graduation trip. Now I am in a mega hangover mode so my heads hurts like shit and LOOPING THE TEASER IS CURING IT!! I FEEL LESS PAIN <3<3

For whatever reason you still HAVE NO WATCH OR REPEATED this teaser for a THOUSAND times....... you better do it now before kyuhyun haunts you in ur sleep....if thats the case, LOL I WUN WATCH IT HAHAHAH! Anyway here you go!

Whoever is a nut head like me and treated this teaser as an actual song... please free to type repeat in front of youtube in the url :) so like hahaha and have fun!

Okay first thing first.....OMFG i LOVE the whole " JUMP FREEZE ROTATE" thing! Damn cool ah! (sorry just got back from singapore, ignore my bad attempt singlish)

Shindong x Eunhyuk x WHITE HORSE like literally white hair hourse Siwon
 PUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! FLYING DUCK!! <3<3 ILY NIPPLE ATTACK! (perv) Yesung without head and Donghae <3
 Have to admit Sungmin looks super hot here :) with kyuhyun n ryeowook.

But its okay :) as an ELF for 6 years, you will have this habit of "no matter how excited u r to watch the MV, u NEVER finish the entire video without pausing in the middle where its a GROUP DANCE...and start COUNTING!!!!" No worry girls! its 10 :D and KANGIN is right there behind Sungmin. So sad that he got kicked to the back now :(
Can't wait can't wait~~ 2 more days :) and it will be HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY TEUKIE n THE 6TH ALBUM & Hong Kong Special Adminstrative Region Establishment Day! (At least i get a day off)

Now random funny facts me / other fans noticed:

HAHAHA SORRY! This is just too damn funny!! XD
 For all the KANGTEUK fans out there:
<3<3 how sweet

Please tell me, although they are exactly the FUCKING same! You got hyuk a new one.... it IS their title song MV! For those of u dunno the one on the right...its EXO's History MV. OMG! FIRE THE STUPID CODY! *scream*

Finally, if anyone still cares about our darling Hangeng :) He has a new album out and the title song is out already! MV out on the 3/7! The song is called 小丑面具 - (clown's mask)
For me...the song is very = = i wish they could cut out all those annoying auto tune or wtever effects they used! i wanna HEAR HIS DAMN VOICE, MR. PRODUCER! yeah here u go!


TBH my head still hurts like fuck...needa go take a nap~ so ENJOY THE MV TEASER :D and Will update you guys soon :) Should i do a video or sth? HAHAHAHAHA ok really needa stop typing.

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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Seriously! What is with people and their birthdays? Okay, I get it! Birthday is like THE DAY of the entire year, the day that you can be the boss, the day you can do whatever you want and people will listen to you and maybe THE ONLY DAY that people care about you or write on ur damn facebook wall and realize you FKING EXISTS!

Sorry, I know birthdays are super important and meaningful for most people and it does to me too! Its the day my mum went through shit loads of pain to bring me into this world, and that's why i love my mum and I let her scream at me without saying a single word back. But other than that birthday isn;t that much of a deal for me anymore, cause its just a yearly alarm telling me "OI FATASS, YOU ARE ONE YEAR OLDER AND U R STILL UNSUCCESSFUL" ...

For those people who have an awesome life, with a super protective family, GPA 3.9, a perfect body and love life...basically, a person that lives in a fking GREENHOUSE, birthday is like the day that they can be THE ONE AND ONLY PRINCESS, like the PRINCESS of the PRINCESS, as if they are the only thing that matters in the entire damn world. And us peasant will have to bow and give them gifts, write on their facebook wall and preferably pay for their party n give them a surprise. To be honest there are many people out there that acts like this and tbh, i dun give a damn. I dun mind u acting like that, as long as i dun have to give a lot of effort doing all this...the MAX i can do is type a line on ur wall or maybe just show my face at dinner or sth. But there is ONE condition...


Really, who da fuck in the world nowadays still remembers people's birthday, well i dun! There are only 2 people's birthday (excluding myself) i rmb... MY PARENTS!! I don't even remember my closest friend's birthday so i SERIOUSLY HATE it when people goes i-wun-tlk-to-u-coz-u-missed-my-birthday! Fuckin's greenhouse princess...if u want people to remember ur damn fking birthday and get all the attention, PUT IT ON DAMN FACEBOOK! If for whatever gay and fake reason u've decided to PRIVATE that damn date... then dun expect ANY FKING ONE to remember it! OKAY? There is a fking price to pay for attention...what are you?! huh?! unless you are the god damn queen and ur birthday gives me a fking holiday, then SORRY, i will NEVER-EVER remember ur fking birthday.

I am sorry for not being a "good" friend remembering ur birthday. I sometimes really hate myself for keep changing friends group and getting into fights with people. Obviously, I have a problem...which is mega bitchy and needy. Yeah I got that...that is why when I get into fights with people, I always question myself, "should i go and talk to them", "should i say sorry?". Normally, i would go do that if i give a damn about that person, but sometimes, I dun. Those are the times when I wonder if this is the time where I can escape from a particular relationship that I m super tired of. Some people are just really hard to deal with. A friend asked me "why do you wanna work for ur friendship, it should come naturally" really struck me. Then I thought back...which are the friendships that I did not needa work for.....those are the ppl that understands me, that knows me, not "haha i noe u are crazy"...but they actually know how to deal with me when i m pissed / sad and always there next to me and I dun feel the guilt of taking those love cause they wun come back to me and say "i did a,b,c,d,e,f,g for u now its ur turn to pay back".

I can be honest with you and say.... i might be one of those WORST friend you can ever get, but at least I know and I accept it and most importantly i m REAL. Someone once said to me, "I love hanging with u, i dun needa think around u cause you are so real and there are no traps around u". Isn't that what friends are? I've been back stabbed, bitched and bullied in high school, i used to try super hard to regain friendships. But I think my friends r right, I needa stop working for friendships. But then, what if I was the one that did something rong, I should at least go say sorry right? To be honest, I dunno what to do. I guess am just tired and afraid. I've already tried communicating and crying, can even see backstabbing and a mega bitch fight coming and I am still here being sad and pissy. What is rong with me....Somehow I think I should learn how to let go and forget, i guess.....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Graduation Haul: Part 2 - Innisfree Eco Nail Color Review

Here goes part II:

Apart from MAC, I've went to this store that says "WE IMPORT MAKEUP FROM KOREA"... ok maybe not the exact words, but well all the stuff r from i went in and bought a few things :))

First off, the NEWEST, COOLEST, PRETTIEST nail polish this summer! INNISFREE'S ECO NAIL COLOR POLISH!!!

I was like "I NEED THIS" when i saw it the first time!! I am not a very glittery person but this is just sooo cute for the summer!

So colours are as follow:
81 - Spring Strawberry Yogurt
82 - Spring Green Tea Yogurt
83 - Herb Yogurt
84 - Mint Yogurt
85 - Raspberry Yogurt

Don't the names sound SUPER Jello & Yummy? Yes, but dun be a retard like me... dunno wts rong with me the other day, after reading the colour names...i went and SNIFF the nail polish == DAFUQ? Lol, n it still has tht horrible nail polish yeah...paint ur nails with it just don't sniff it!

 I bought 81 and 84, my fav colours - pink n blue.I saw a few pictures of the nail polish and they look like jello / plastic / SHINee shiny just super edible. At first I dunno if its me that sucks at painting nails or my nails are just too short, they dun look as good (sad face)...but I realise u need at LEAST 4 layers to get that solid jelly like sweet colour!!! Heres the difference with different layers:
Bottom up: 2layers, 1layer, 3layers

Bottom up: 1layer, 2, 3 & 4 layers :)

Definitely recommend getting this nail polish but i guess you just need to apply more layers! Wish I have longer nails to paint :(( will def look prettier >3<"

Well, there you go... my Part II Makeup Haul. This is the end of the Makeup part of Haul but the HAUL BLOGs are not over!! ONE MORE COMING :) Will link u soon <3 Heading to bed~


Graduation Haul: Part 1 - MAC Makeup Review

*Congratulation and Celebrations* Just got all my grades back and I can finally GRADUATE!!

With this excuse reason in mind, I went shopping for 3 days straight..CRAZY MODE. Okay, tbh, I didn't buy A LOT, but everything i bought were not cheap..and therefore, I am currently SUPER broke :(

Apart from sharing my reviews of the products I bought, its also a record to show myself what I've bought! I don't know if its only me, but if you lay out everything you bought, you would realize "shit, I think I've bought too much, okay time to stop"... if not, lol this crazy shopping mode is gonna go on and on and on....

So for Part I, I'm gonna show you what I've bought in MAC (and a few other korean makeup stuff)! :D

I actually never owned ANYTHING from MAC so I am super excited that I bought these 2 things. Well they are:

Hey, Sailor! Bronzing  Powder
Colour: Refined Golden

Was looking for bronzer cause I have full bangs now, although people say it makes ur face smaller, I think my fat got rounder so I need bronzer to give that slimmer face illusion. Walked into MAC, asking the person which colour I should pick and she was like...*drag* look at the new ones..comeeeee *drag* So she helped me try out the colours and I ended up picking a darker dark shade (does that even make sense), cause I want a more obvious effect and I dunno, I would rather go darker than lighter...I mean u can at least see a little effect.
love the packaging :) so pretty <3
Refined Golden :)
Well Refined Golden is not really a new colour.. but the packaging is :P My friend uses Golden and its definitely lighter than Refined Golden.

Don't get freaked out by the glitter you see in the bronzer. I was super scared by the glitters in the shop and the sales GUARANTEED that is is barely noticeable and  if you have bad eye sight or simply just dun pay attention...its just another plain bronzer. But according to professionals, these tiny glitters make you skin look less dry and more dewy :)) 
 Swatches under different lightings:
yellow light

white light

with flash

Mineralize Foundation / Loose
Colour: Light

I used to use Makup Forever's Duo Mat Powder Foundation but then I ran out. It has super good coverage and fairly good oil control, but a bit thick. I was gonna go back and buy another one, but really want to try something new. So I've got persuaded by the sales to get the mineralize foundation.

I asked "what's the differences between the compact one and the loose one?" He said it has more coverage so I decided to go for the loose one cause i NEED all the coverage you can give me to hide my acne spots and scars.

The bad thing about this new packaging is THERE IS NO SPONGE! Damn annoying, have to put my own cheap sponge in it so the powder won't fly out if I carry it around.

The texture is smooth and its very very light and not cakey at all. But to be honest, i DO NOT see coverage compared to my makeup forever one... I can still see my spots peeking through :((( Overall its not bad, but hahaha i kinda wanna go back to my makeup forever duo mat foundation :P

So that's all I bought in MAC <3 god, I m so IN LOVE with their packaging...soo pretty (apart from the fact tht they dun gimme a sponge *aargh*)!! Will continue on next blog, cyaaaa~


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

[Review] * My JUNE Glamabox *

YEAH :))) My June Glamabox is here <3 I seriously love this little supprise gift i pay for myself every month! (forever alone>3<") Anyway, lets just get straight into it this month~~

 I was thinking this month might be "FATHER'S DAY" theme...hahaha, but sorry dads, u r not included XD This month, its SUMMER theme :) and when you open the box, u will see a change on both the papers n the wrapping paper...instead of pink, it is now ORANGE! It looks and made me feel super REFRESHING....(no idea why) but its a nice change :)
So there are 5 products in the glamabox this month, and I will be super honest with u....i literally SCREAMED of excitement when I opened the box and saw PROACTIV! OMG! I have been wanting to try it for SOOOOOO long, but never had time / remember to get it and HA! Another reason why i LOVE glamabox, so here are the details of this month's box :
 1. Prodigy Advanced Skin Lightening Face Cream ($514)
Woah...such a fancy n expensive cream. Its suppose to lighten all the dark spots and even out uneven skin tone! I m gonna keep rubbing this into my skin...and try to get rid of all my acne scars!
 2. Copa Cabbana Pomelo with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C Face Mask
I dunno, but I am not a HUGE fan of these little packs of macks, I mean it is moisturizing and all, but it really doesn't do much unless i have 10 packs and use it everyday....but at least i guess my skin had a boost.. :)
 3. Proactiv Refining Mask
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOM!!! I M SUPER EXCITED! So i tried this like 30 mins ago, well it didn't work like MAGIC (duh) and reduce all my red bumps pimple, but OMG it does hurt less now, still red but i guess a TINY bit smaller. Although after i wash it is actually pretty dry! And it smells weird. I dunno, I think i will still keep using it and use the coupon to get more products and try....since my acne is still here might as well try sth! (WILL UPDATE MY BLOG ABOUT THIS PRODUCT SEPARATELY)

 4. Dr. Ci: Labo Aqua Collagen Gel Enrich Lift Ex
Hm...not particularly exciting about this tbh, but WOAH! 1 jar finished 5 steps of skin care I LIKE how tht sounds....
 5. Ocean Potion Anti-aging Sunblock Lotion
This thing looks SUPER ADORABLE! hahaha love the colour! doesn't smell too bad! or too sticky! Will bring with me to SINGAPORE <3

Woah, that's it! Will update after I've tried these products more times....! I doubt there will be any WOAH diff after using once! AND SHARE WITH ME WHAT U GOT <3

Gonna go do CRAZY shopping tomorrow! might do a haul blog :P so cya tomorrow <3<3

Nite luffs,

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cute Homemade Panda Cookies

Hey guys,

I will be going to a theme park with my friends tomorrow and I've decided to bake something so 1) I have extra stomachs to help clear the batch and 2) just have another reason to BAKE :))

Since this will be one of those last time before I ever see them again since we wun have school together anymore, I've decided to do something cool just to impress and after thinking and browsing through youtube, I've came across this super cute Panda Bread!I really wanna try making it, but after doing more research, i see many people failing to do it or get decent panda looks since it requires 2 dough rising time, i dun have to time to wait for the damn dough to rise or for failure, and not to mention.. "HEY HERES WT I BAKE, ITS A PIECE OF BREAD..HOLD IT AND CARRY IT AROUND THE THEME PARK" == not the best thing to I was thinking what abt the same thing but on a cookie?

Apparently, awesome & cool brains think alike, there are a few people out there they have tried it and according to them, its less likely to fail cause unlike bread, there is no need for cookies to rise, they come out EXACTLY the way u put surprises

OMFG! Got distracted watching Big Bang's Monster's MV!!! HOLY COW!!!!!! I shall not comment anything here or its gonna turn into a 5000 words essay! But I have 2 words for u!
Here's the link u lazy ass:
Okay, where was I? yes, panda cookies, god taeyang's hairdo made me lost my chain of thought. (FML THT HAIR) YES, i have decided to do the cookies and here it is....

dunno why i took a pic of the ugliest one...alwell..see what i mean? ITS UNIQUE <3

A special thing about these panda cookies is that each and every single one of them are unique depending on how out the cookie dough n how u cut them :) It is however quite annoying n time consuming to make...since u needa divide them...weight them...colour them...roll them out..stick them together then freeze them ...THEN u will noe how it turns out..such a long process! Nearly gave me a heart attack when i cut into the first one!

Mine's def NOT perfect, but its OKAY LAH! some of the panda's eyes and ears are weird but DAMN u can still tell its a damn panda HAHAHA! So I wrapped them up into nice plastic gift bags and I'll bring them out tomorrow, well thts like 4 hours from now...OMG I SHALL SLEEP!!!! or i will TURN INTO A DAMN PANDA TOMORROW! OMG..KAY BYE <3

(oh, since the recipe is in chinese, If anyone is interested, leave me a comment and I will translate it and post it out..... if not hope u enjoyed reading n WELCOME to my BIG BANG MV RELEASE REMINDER!)


Friday, May 18, 2012

Korean Street Snack: Hoddeok 호떡

Someone needs to keep reminding me that its freaking EXAM WEEK! And i have 3days till my first 2 exams that I have not finish revising! Not even half! So why da hell did I not go to school and sit here at home and start making 호떡 (Korean Sweet Pancakes with Brown Sugar Syrup filling)????

Anyway, since I already made it, might as well just tell you guys about it :)) Well, 호떡 is a Korean Street Snack that is a pancakes with Brown Sugar Syrup filling! I still remember when I was studying in Korea, there is always an 아줌마 (Auntie) outside the university's main gate selling it. At first we did not noe what is it but me and my friend were starving so we went ahead and buy one. Without knowing what is in it we just start biting and biting and biting when suddenly "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH", my friend screamed her lungs out cos the syrup filling squirted out and it was burning hot and spilled all over her hands and shirt. haha, ever since then, i always bit my 호떡s super super carefully and NEVER walk while u eat it :)))

No, I did not make this (i wish). This is the one i had in korea :) mega miss!
So I missed korea A LOT, but since my friends refuse to go there with me for graduation trip and I am too much of a considerate bitch, I can't go there this year and munch on 호떡, therefore I made my own and will munch on it NOW! *bite*.....*HEAVENNNNNNNNNN*

I got the recipe from Maangchi :) She has this AWESOME youtube channel on korean food and it makes me drool like CRAZY and super "home" sick XDD And I hav no idea how she stays so chill n pretty while making 호떡...I SWEATED LIKE CRAZY n the kitchen was in a HORRIBLE MESS! Seriously, how do all those people on youtube cook so elegantly.. its like freaking WAR here for me.

So here you go my 호떡 making process

Before the rise...mega focus fail

rose and  stirred

soooo stickkkyyyyyy

the filling :) actually had to make 2 batches coz I am a greedy bitch and refuse to use CHEESE as a filling (ew)
The dough with the middle of a severe WAR
(I just can't focus properly can i?)


fryyy 'em

THIS ONE IS CRAZY! Have to show u! I WAS SOOO GREEDY that many of them leaked and this one, u can SEE the brown sugar HAHAHAHAHAH!!

trying hard to pretend i m in KOREA eating this :)  
Cannot imagine how much weight I am gonna gain eating all these...shall just share them :'((((((((((

OKAY, shall eat one more and go back to revision, thats the plan :) cya...AFTER EXAM!! *yeah right* HAHAHA KAY BYEEE~~