Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Super Junior Super Show 4 in Macau rant

You may or may not know, but i am a fking HUGE super junior fan for 6 years, and I m the crazy type, well not those that follow them home crazy, but the i try to find the drinks they had and buy 10 of them crazy :)))

Well, there will be 2 SS4 in Macau this friday and saturday. Us HK ELFs / other chinese ELFs went through shit loads because of SS4. For example,
  • Concert was suppose to be held in HK, but SM had to pick the same day as 2PM, so since JYP gives a lot more shit abt HK, they booked the venue way before SM, so they had to go to macau.
  • This concert was announced way after 2PM started selling tickets, so fans tht love both team had to give up one of them, in my case, i had to sell my VIP 2PM tiks :((
  • They were UNABLE to settle things down so it was not until the 23/2 that tickets started selling.when the concert is on the 10/3
  • Because the concert on 10/3 went full really quickly, retarded Macau host figure they would just add another show on the 9th and started selling it on 27 == DAFAQ? Of course super little people can go and bought the tickets (although i m going to this coz I REALLY WANNA HELP FILL UP THOSE DAMN FKING EMPTY SEATS)
  • ALL ALLL EVERYSINGLE FKING SM artists' (not sure abt the others) have always had a 田shape stage coz thts how the olympic stadium in korea looks like. but since 2MONTHS IS TOO SHORT TO BUILD A STAGE with like 3 more TINY sides, Macau changed the stage to a 我a 王shape stage. NOT ONLY will us fans have a SMALLER chance of getting a close up shot at members but DAFAQ, WHY U CHANGE AN ARTIST'S STAGE?! 
The Macau one:

As if these problems are not enough for us, little secondary school fans that recently got into SJ and think that they are super important started dissing the 9/3 concert, its like 

"oh since not many ppl are going and chants will be really quiet, its gonna suck why bother giving them materials to support SJ, lets just all focus on the 10th show". 

EXCUSE MUO? OH HELL NO GURL, REALLY? U SHOULD NOT BE ALLOW TO GO TO THE 10th OR CALL URSELF A FKING ELF?! the entire DAMN point of chanting and supporting is not to show how FKING COOL U R! is to support SJ and give them credit for giving us an awesome SHOW, unless u think tht people on stage at the 9th show are NOT SJ, U BETTER SHUT THAT DAMN FUCKING CAKE HOLE OF URS! IMMATURE MUCH?! 

Through out these 6 years, I have seen many young new fans joining us, n i m really grateful for all the love and support they give to SJ. But I've seen a lot of different other fans,
  • those that ONLY like their looks n nothing else
  • Those that only like ONE member and diss others
And the most annoying ones
  • think THEY KNOW IT ALL, and we will DIE without them
Darling, we are here as ONE! we need people from fanclub to help us organize, they need us to help carry out functions, we are here as a group to show support towards our idols. There is no I or ME in this society, so u better start thinking if u r WORTH being here or ANY OTHER fan group! 

Anyway, enough with my RANT, there is actually something AMAZING I wanna share. For the first time in 6 years, I actually bought one of those LIGHT FAN SIGN that glows!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Retarded I know :P BUT I NEED ONE!!! Since lee teuk is gonna go to the army soon and that this might be the last time i see him in person I NEED TO GIVE HIM AS MUCH SUPPORT as i CAN <3 So i went on TAOBAO and bought a light fan sign and here it is!! 


the moment when u see the parcel in ur room feels like youve finally met you internet BF <3
this is like the first time ive used scissors since forever! i refuse to rip this over!!! 


There are so many fake stuff from china, so this "already checked" doesn't mean much to me tbh :P

but surprisingly, its SO FKING GORGEOUS!

it even has a HANDLE, like the ones on suitcases and this battery thing.

*finger crossed* this is gonna be safe!

Love how they are super sweet n gives u a guide on using this <3<3

the handle is extendable, HOLY SHIT!

the awesome company that made this for me <3

When lights r on. and this photo does it NO NO NO justice! the lights are SOOOO fking bright, my eyes hurt looking at it!
TEUK will be able to see it from afar! <3 Can't wait
I am super super excited! So there are 2 days left till my 9/3 concert! Can't wait and if you are going, ENJOY THE SHOW! If u r not, WELL ENJOY the SS4 u r gonna see or seen and 


Mega love,