Wednesday, April 18, 2012

[Updated] 1:00am Diet Cake in a Mug

So its around 1 in the morning and I have been reading my stupid research papers! You may or may not noe that I am still KINDA in a diet ( just keep saying that to self so I won't over eat) and I have 0 energy to read these papers at night. Since I've decided to pull an all nighter, I need something to boost my energy up and still I won't feel TOOOO guilty (wtever, any food esp carbs at 1am is like murdering a homeless elderly). Anyway so I've just decided to make a CAKE IN A CUP.

ugly background, but its doneee :))
I came across that recipe by SORTED FOOD sometime ago, they kept saying "It's super easy",

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Woah, I've ditched my blog for nearly a month. I have a reason: I WAS BUSY.

Shit loads happened in march: SJ Concert, HKAMF Concert, Mid-terms and dissertation. Obviously the last 2 took like maybe 4 days MAX in this month since I've been taking my easter break a whole MONTH earlier. I should start to panic since theres like a month left till I graduate = I need to finish EVERYTHING, and i just went to Disneyland today, going again on thursday (burden of having an annual pass) and a house party on saturday, not to mention all the TV shows i need to watch. Lets hope i will get back on the intense mode soon!!!!!!

Anyway, there is a point to writing this blog so lemme announce the BIG EXCITING NEWS:


Yeah, since I've gained so much weight through out winter, now i realize i can't wear a normal t-shirt without seeing my HUGE tummy! @@ its ridiculous! so I've decided to go on a diet. Well its only my 3rd day and I've already lost 3pounds with cutting carbs! I only ate veggie in disneyland, dafuq did i do tht? (proud) but its SO HARD and its not even noticeable!  i only noe i m loosing weight when i m on the damn scale! i still have my huge tummy and elephant legs! Fking annoying! And its especially hard when its holiday time and ppl keep asking u to go out for dinner and i just got addicted to baking! HOW M I SUPPOSE TO GO CARBS FREE WHEN I REALLY WANNA TO BAKE??:(

So I've started looking around different blogs and see how ppl lose weight, and Ive come to a conclusion that the FASTEST and most OBVIOUS way to loose weight is NOT cutting carbs or exercise, the secret is DIET PILLS! Many people are not willing to tell people what pills they are taking and if they do, they are advertising == so I've take matter into my own hands and RESEARCH MUAHSELF!

I used to eat diet pills, it worked really really well~ Ive never been as fat as i was in high school, but i m still fat (i wonder how did i live in high school== working around the school with fat dangling all over my body) but the other times i tried in uni, they never worked because i m too lazy...too lazy to even WAIT 30 MINS after the pill the eat breakfast so i failed. PATHETIC I know, but hey! This time i m gonna work my ass off coz the one i want to try is pretty expensive, so lemme go order it now and WISH ME LUCK! lets hope the next time i blog i will give u good news!! <3

Too hungry to type anymore......

Super Hungry,